正夢(まさゆめ)は、 夢に見た通りのことが現実になる夢のこと.

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I don’t know what I’m going to do if Mai turns out to be Honora’s daughter.

Do you mean to say “I don’t know what I’m going to do if Mai turns out to be the mother of Zuko’s daughter”? Personally, I will be sad/enraged because it will mean that Zuko never woke up about the…

My thoughts are this: Either they’re going to say the mother of Zuko’s daughter is Mai outright and try to force the idea that Mai and Zuko really wasn’t as unhealthy as it was or they’re going to troll us again like they’ve been doing with the identities of Lin and Suyin’s fathers.

Or they could try to be realistic about it and if Mai did end up pregnant accidentally we all know Zuko would try to do the honorable thing (pun honestly not intended). I would accept that they tried and eventually separated but what little we know about Mai’s character leads me to believe she would be miserable as the wife of the Fire Lord. And as we see in The Promise she does leave because she can’t handle the pressure Zuko is under.

I’m honestly hoping they just don’t tell us who his daughter’s mother is. It would be easier for me to accept some unknown stranger than Mai.

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being a fan of something and having a crap fandom is like standing in the middle of a party and everyone is loud, obnoxious and rude and occasionally spits acid in your face but your friends are there, the music is excellent, and there’s lots of food, and there’s great wifi so you don’t really wanna leave so you kind of just stand there going



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